Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Hikvision Lanka Networks is a market leader offering Auto watch Car Alarms and Vehicle tracking solutions in Sri Lanka. As a car tracking companies we offer a web solution that combines GPRS, GPS Technology and GSM modern communication over digital maps. Our Vehicle Alarms and car tracking solutions use the most recent state of the art technology in the Sri Lankan market, making our Vehicle security Solutions and vehicle tracking the best in Sri Lanka. We fulfill the many reasons why you need to install a car tracking system and car alarm system this makes us one of the best in Sri Lanka.

We believe in quality, affordability and the importance of securing investments. As one of the best motor vehicle alarms and Vehicle tracking companies in Sri Lanka, our car tracking systems/ Lorry tracking systems / Truck tracking systems / School bus & van tracking system/ Bus tracking system/motorcycle tracking/ Van tracking system/ Matatu tracking systems. If you are looking for a fair price and where to buy car trackers in Sri Lanka, our highly trained staff offer one of the most effective, highly rated stolen vehicle recovery products in the market. Vehicle tracking services have become very affordable, thanks to HLN.


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